It’s a question about trust

Will take this in English, since i’m gonna use this as a bugreport to the company in question. Since the swedish parliament thought it to be a good idea to listen on what every tcp/ip packet that crosses the border i think it’s a good idea to encrypt all the traffic that crosses the border.

Ok, since X509v3 is the standard to use in this case and i want a free, pretty safe certificate i choose to use Thawtes free e-mail certificate. I start the registration process, enters my first and last name, day of birth and nationality. I even make sure that the correct charset is used since i have one of those odd looking letters in my last name. The picture shows the form correctly filled and in the background is the latin-1 charset table that shows the eacute letter my family name uses. I did however run into a problem when trying to register, a server error poped up looking like the second picture… Being a geek i tried different methods to get this to not crash. I tryed different charsets: my browser default, latin-1, utf-8… All charsets that should work. The only way to get thru to the next part of the registration, was to change my last name.

Since it’s not free in Sweden to change name and i do actually like my last name i’m opting against thawte. Afterall, it’s like they say themself: It’s a trust thing. (That phrase is trademarked by them even…)

Trivia: Note the mailto address in the bottom of page two, that is what they have as ”webmaster” address. That also boosts my trust in Thawte.

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